The club is committed to providing a high level of development programs to assist young players improve their skills.Here is an outline of the program – further details on costs, venues etc are to supplied in a flyer for each component:

1. Pre-Full Competition Programs

A. The Kids Activities Program–School & Local Community Program.

B. The In2 Cricket Program.

C. The 8s To U10s Game And Skills Development Program.

2. The Skill-Builder Program

A. Team Skill-Builder Program.

Exclusively designed for Balmain South Sydney Junior Cricketers and delivered by two high level coaches the program (8 x 1.5 hour sessions, 4.45pm – 6.15pm) will focus on developing skill acquisition and mastery of the critical technical skills to optimise each players performance.

Places are limited to twelve (12) per session. Any player may come to one or more sessions by age range so first in, best dressed!


2 coaches to 12 kids - fantastic opportunity for BSSCC junior cricketers. Balmain SSCC Club coaches welcome to join in and benefit from the positive and practical training environment! 


B. Mentor–High Performance Skilling Program

A High level performance program aimed at those players that aspire to play at higher Shires or Grade Level Cricket.

The program will concentrate on developing the players technical abilities and tactical skills to optimise each players performance:

  • Batting, Bowling and Fielding Techniques

  • The Specialised Wicketkeeping player.

  • The Mental approach to the sport.

  • Understanding the Techniques of the game.

  • Their Physical attributes.

Utilising video analysis, bowling machines, skill development activities, centre wicket & game situation scenarios in a challenging and fun group environment.

This program is aimed at ages 14 to 18 and onwards in the club.

1.5 hours per Fortnight. PRICING AND DATES TO BE ADVISED.

3. The Pathways Development Program

For Senior Juniors 14 Onwards–3rd & 4th Grade Shires, The Metro & Creer Cups.

Balmain SSCC play in the Metro and Tim Creer Cups with its home grounds as Birchgrove, Juibillee & Alexandria Ovals. This will mean that the club comes of age in that our juniors now have a direct pathway from U8s right through to the Shires competition. This means that we provide mentor management and coaching to young and not so young players as a progression into either grade or shires competitions. This program will encompass both Balmain SSCC players moving on from Juniors, senior players and players from other clubs that wish to participate.

4. Coach the Coaches Program 

A. Coaching Accreditation.
The BSSCC Club is keen to have all its Coaches trained to at least level 1. To this end the Club will pay for the parent or player to attend credited classes for them to obtain coaching credentials. 

B. Coach The Coaches Clinics. 
Sessions will be both theory and practice!The program will include;The Principles of Coaching.The Principles of Batting, Bowling and Fielding–The Specialised Wicketkeeping player.Correcting Common errors in these sectors.Team Management-Planning and executing drills & practice sessions.

Sign up for both of the workshop/seminar sessions (7pm – 9pm) and ensure that you are abreast of all the latest coaching tips, diagnostic aids and drills!Two (2) sessions:Theory-Techniques and Tactics. Classroom Tutorials.Practical -Techniques and tactics for batting and Bowling.VENUE:       TBA This is a fantastic opportunity for Balmain junior coaches to continue to develop skills as the players advance in age!  Everyone is welcome to join in and benefit from the positive and practical training environment! 

C. Umpire Information Nights.
Following on from our Umpire night last year, we will provide the same sessions, aimed more to U10’s and up and inviting other Association and Club coaches/managers/Umpires to attend.


5. The Coaching Model - Parents in Junior Sport

Sport and games for children are an opportunity to learn skills that can help them achieve a lifetime of healthy, physical activity. They are also an opportunity for recreation, relaxation and an opportunity to gain confidence in many areas of social development.

In the wrong environment, sport can create more damage than good to your child’s development.

Every parent has the right to be proud of their child’s involvement in junior sport. Unfortunately, the proud parent can become the pushy parent when they lose sight of the reasons their child is participating. This is undesirable occurrence is commonly referred to as the ‘ugly parent syndrome’.

Here are some telltale signs that the line between proud and pushy has been crossed.

Pushy parent checklist

  • Do the activities appeal more to you than the kids?

  • Is it a battle getting your child to activities?

  • Do you see the activities as fun, or is it all serious?

  • Do you get angry if the kids aren’t trying hard?

  • Do you like the reflected glory when your kids do well?

It’s a sad fact that pushy parents often end up with burnt-out kids. This denies children with the opportunity to grow and develop through sport.

Tips to help your kids play clean and be good team members, Make sure you:

  • Show that you have faith in them

  • Take an interest in their interests

  • Take a continuing interest in the club and do not use it as a babysitting service

  • Let them find their feet without propping them up

  • Make sure the kids are not new tools to service old dreams

  • Above all, if you’re getting too worked up, find out why it is so important to you

Make sure you do not:

  • Interfere with the coach

  • Yell out instructions from the sidelines

  • Be critical of any player’s performance

  • Offer financial reward for your child’s performance. The reward should be in the activity itself.

Remember: a good sport should shake hands at the end of the game – and that’s not possible with a clenched fist!

By David Parkin, TEAM Magazine, April 2001

While an estimated 6.5 Million Children in Australia (40 million in the USA), participate in youth sports, over 70% drop out by the age of 13. The major reason for this is the "win-at-all-cost" mentality of parents and coaches. The Australian Sports Commission and Cricket Australia are working to replace the "win-at-all-cost" model of coaching with the "Double-Goal Coach" who wants to win but has a second, more important, goal of using sports to teach life lessons.

The Positive Coaching model encourages adults and athletes to "Redefine Winner," "Honor the Game," and "Fill Emotional Tanks."