Team Management

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Team Organisation

  • Once the teams have been finalised in early September, coaches and managers will then be appointed.
  • Managers and Coaches are usually chosen from the parents, although others with appropriate qualifications will be considered. Persons are welcome to coach a team in any age bracket.
  • The cut off date for team allocation is the 1st. of September. That means what age your son or daughter turns after that date the following year,will be the age group he or she will be placed in.
  • Up to under 13's we encourage young girls to participate in mixed teams. From 14's onwards it is physically prudent to play in team of their own gender. We are presently organising teams in the age brackets 8's through to under 11's and making sure that your child will play with his or her respective friends. It is, as you can imagine, an administrative battle to place all the children in teams and organise the grounds and competition.

Training Times

  • Training times are usually from 4.30 to 6.30 pm, weekdays depending on the coach's work schedule and within the municipality.
  • Managers will inform players and assist in providing transport where available.


  • Consists of the traditional white long trousers and white joggers.
  • Girls are advised to wear either shorts or trousers, due to the type of activity.
  • Every season we provide caps to each team member, plus a shirt with the club logo on it. The cost to borne by our sponsors and your fees.
  • Wearing of the cap does give the player a sense of belonging to the club and builds team spirit.

Parent Participation

To successfully and efficiently function administratively, junior cricket is dependent upon the help of parents, the volunteers, thus we need the assistance of parents to make it work.

As a rule the club desires that one parent or guardian from each family must attend every Saturday. Your children need your support. Parent attendance lifts their enjoyment of the sport.

We ask parents to indicate whether they can help in scoring, managing a team, coaching, umpiring, or assisting in the management of the club.

The club places teams in the local Inner West Harbour Cricket Association Competition from the ages of 8-16. We also place teams in the South Eastern Competition Association on Sundays, for the ages of 13-16, where we have a large number of boys that go to Private schools but want to continue club cricket and have the opportunity to play Representative Cricket or play in our Senior teams on Turf. There is also the opportunity to progress to Green Shield for the various local Grade Clubs as well as the Club's Representative team in the Frank Gray Shield, played in the Shires Competition.

Where possible the Club requires District qualified Umpires to accompany each each team, plus the Coach to be level 1.

The Club is prepared ro pay the expenses of the tuition to achieve these goals for the teams. This only enhances the teams expertise but raises the level of the participation in the sport of Cricket.

Help where you can in assisting team members to games and coaching.

Cricket is a team sport that helps personal development, working with others towards a common goal. Social skills as well as providing vigorious exercise. 


Information Nights and Coaching Nights

For those parents who want too know more about the the game , scoring, the rules and how the competition is conducted, there will be parent information nights in September and October.

These are a must for those people who want to know more about the game and the philosophy behind the Association and the conduct of junior cricket.

There is planned, inservice nights and coaching programs for the Coaches, within the club as well, so we will keep you posted, through your coach and the Web Site.



Core Concepts for consideration in the wider program.


1. Family program.

  1. Family involvement with the In2 Cricket , Under 8’s and 9’s, Under 10s to U16s games structure.
  2. Appoint a manager and Trainer to each team, from their parent body.
  3. Provide them with simplified Manual and in-service evenings for Level1 Coaching programs.
  4. Provide Parents with the skilling needed to make the game accesable.
  5. Provide a family environment for players and Parents.

2. Player Involvement – SENIORS.

  1. Provide a pathway for juniors to move up into senior playing Associations and grade clubs.
  2. Make it compulsory for some part time training to Coaches and special clinics for U 8’s, 9’s 10’s 11’s 12’s children.
  3. The Club wishes to provide an environment to play the sport for fun and social interaction.
  4. The Club endeavours to emphasis the efforts and performance of Players and Administrators within the Club.
  5. The priority of the Club's Cricket Program is to expand the player base, with an emphasis on building up a non-elite structure and the recreational aspects of the sport be given priority.
  6. It is targeted at both Men and Women and places an emphasis on participation and the development of basic skills in a fun environment.
  7. Provide pathways for Players to move up into wider playing Programs within the Club and the Cricket community for social and Individual skill development.

3. Player Involvement – JUNIORS.

  1. The Club Recognises that children play the sport for fun and not be considered as potential elite players but as participants in a team game with goals that match the children’s own abilities.
  2. The Club endeavours to emphasis the children’s efforts and performance. Such efforts to be rewarded by recognition of their acheivements in skill development.
  3. Balmain South Sydney Cricket recognises that young people grow at different paces and that the emphasis on competition be delayed till at least age 10, when full field games can be handled by young legs and minds.
  4. The priority of the Club's Cricket Program is to expand the player base, with an emphasis on building up a non-elite structure and the recreational aspects of the sport be given priority.
  5. It is targeted at both boys and girls and places an emphasis on participation and the development of basic skills in a fun environment.
  6. Provide pathways for juniors to move up into Senior playing Programs within the Club and the wider Cricket community for social and Individual development.


4. Talent Programs.

  1. Pastoral care for above average players but not representative level.
  2. Provide training clinics to improve their skills.
  3. Provide competition program for them outside of representative teams.

5. Schools program.

As long term objective: Bring schools into club and Association competitions.

At Balmain South Sydney Cricket Club we welcome any suggestions you might have. It is our continued desire that players and parents alike feel they have joined a wider family.

Please feel free to communicate your thoughts to team managers, coaches and the committee.

We wish you and your child a thoroughly enjoyable season.