Hall of Fame - Batting | Balmain South Sydney Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1119165607312634062638788119Freddy AustinBalmain South Sydney2017/2018Second Grade10 1Georges River
2114139842112634062658046114*Nicholas ChampionBSS Bengals2017/2018IWHJCA Under 11 - Glenn McGrath Division9 1Concord Briars White
3111167620212634062638767111*Hamish MerrimanBalmain South Sydney2017/2018Second Grade7 2Epping
4107159692412634062722443107Lohith VenkataramanappaBalmain South Sydney Eagles2017/2018Tim Creer Cup B Division15 1Lane Cove
5106120703212634062638730106Paul HeardBalmain South Sydney2017/2018Second Grade1 1Warringah
6104115635212634062637838104*Arfan HaiderBalmain South Sydney2017/2018First Grade6 1Roseville
7104167620212634062638753104Hamish MerrimanBalmain South Sydney2017/2018Second Grade5 1Lindfield
810282207812634062659664102*Clancy BarrettBalmain South Sydney2017/2018ISCC Under 16/17 Competition4 1Randwick Thunder
910087790212634062659608100*Harrison JohansenBalmain South Sydney 152017/2018ISCC Under 15 Competition2 1Concord Briars Maroon 15
10985489291263406267207198Tom A D'ArcyBalmain South Sydney2017/2018Fourth Grade2 1Lane Cove
119012070321263406263873890Paul HeardBalmain South Sydney2017/2018Second Grade3 1Strathfield
12859489391263406265960885Clive ManzieBalmain South Sydney 152017/2018ISCC Under 15 Competition2 1Concord Briars Maroon 15
138513108321263406263781185Harry ThomasBalmain South Sydney2017/2018First Grade4 1Pennant Hills
14847673531263406268056284Ryan C ChristoffersenBalmain South Sydney Tigers2017/2018Tim Creer Cup A Division1 1Balmain South Sydney Mustangs
15819173441263406265964781Milan S SwarajBalmain South Sydney 152017/2018ISCC Under 15 Competition15 1Concord Briars Maroon 15
168111563521263406263784581*Arfan HaiderBalmain South Sydney2017/2018First Grade7 1Epping
178113108321263406263790581Harry ThomasBalmain South Sydney2017/2018First Grade11 1North West Sydney
187515969241263406271194875Lohith VenkataramanappaBalmain South Sydney Eagles2017/2018Tim Creer Cup B Division12 1Mt Pritchard-Southern Districts Green
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 75 and 100 runs.

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